How To Create An Authentic Employer Brand

The social media platform when compared to a science fiction movie is like an ethereal experience that makes it difficult to differentiate illusion from reality. Nobody here needs an introduction to surveillance capitalism, in layman terms it is how the economy grows and makes profit with the use of personal data. Personal information is being treated as a commodity.

These tech platforms have evolved and specialized in trade of human futures. Privacy is not a thing anymore! The commoditization of personal data and human experience has led to the exploitation of the human race. Social, emotional and psychological vulnerabilities have given tech giants the most desired ability to our behavior. This is their way of selling us a solution to a problem that may not exist. Fabrication for profit.  That is the part where it gets hazy between reality and fantasy.

The same scenario repeats when brands try to leverage high tech and state of the art tools to create their content. Every second we spend online we unconsciously fall prey to online advertising.  You browsed for some cool shades earlier today but could not finish the purchase and now all you see is wide ranges of shades being advertised with ridiculous discounts, all nudging you to complete the purchase. Higher the levels of accuracy with these online algorithms the more ludicrous are the results.

With all this hype about social networking and online platforms for business, think about the outcome when the same is applied to a job search. When a company advertises its open positions online, they are not only selling you a position in their company. They are selling you an important decision. A decision that will change the course of direction your life is going to take. They are selling you an opportunity that needs your time and your energy.

What does an Employer Brand Marketer do?

Here are few tips to make you stand out 


  • Footwork needs to be perfect:

When you narrate a story about the employer ensure it matches the actual employee experience. When this narration does not match, especially when the narration is online it may release a whole new can of worms. As a brand employer marketer you are building something that is going to stay eternally and when you are in this phase of construction you must religiously share updates and highlights that relate to the goals of the business. You have to ensure that motivation is the key behind your narration. Employee celebration needs to have an upper hand; rewards and recognition, awards and more are the most interesting aspects.

  • Be transparent:

Every business has two sides to cater to. Any negative employee feedback or review is inevitable and a clever move will be to own it. Don’t be dismissive, rather take a proactive approach towards those reviews. Look at them as areas of opportunity and not as an angry employee.  Being proactive and engaged will help clearly communicate the plan of action to address those grievances. This is how you establish trust and gain the crowd’s attention.

  • Employees matter:

“Employees are the key to your success with customers. Treat them well!” Employees are the wheels on which the company runs. Trust them and empower them to share their stories. Their success story would make a great impact. Employees are the greatest tools you may possess as a marketer, nothing like a story from the inside. Highlight them on every social media channel and platform.

  • Let your content do the talking:

When you speak in great lengths about the company’s achievements and accolades it may just bore the reader or seem as though you are blowing your own trumpet rather than try visual communication. Give the candidate what life looks like in your organization. Help them picture themselves as an employee through live pictures and videos of the employees. This will give our viewers a live experience and set realistic expectations from the organization.

  • Give credits:

Broadcast your insights publicly and encourage the employees to do the same. To build a participative community you have to be transparent and live publicly. Sharing active and passive learning online will definitely give you a boost and help your company emerge as a leader among the peers.

  • Stay relevant:

as a growing organization there are certain aspects you need to check regularly. As you continue to expand and engage with candidates online it is highly important to ensure you know the pulse of the employee and candidate communication. Watch out for the sentiment they share and relay relevant content. Do not use jargon. Do not be dominating or disrespectful.  Be thoughtful about the culture and sentiments of the folks you are dealing with. Your language has to be intentional, not too passive nor too direct.

  • The human touch:

Ever tried reaching a company for assistance? Do you like pressing buttons on the IVR that may sometimes not have any relevance, or would you rather pick up the phone and speak with a human who can communicate and understand the emotion behind your concern? The latter, right? The reasons why a large chunk of our population is not taken over by robots are because of the human element, the ease of speaking with a living person on the other end of the phone. Automation is great but not always appreciated. When possible give your candidates the opportunity to reach out to a person from within the company, this definitely bumps up the candidate’s experience by several notches.

  • Be unique:

Your brand is your baby. Don’t make a copy or replicate a famous brand. Identify how and why your company is unique, what special attributions you carry as an organization. Work on your pragmatic aspects and highlight them. The Idea behind this is to gain popularity, confidence and trust from the candidates that help you stand out from the million other organizations that are out there trying to make a mark.