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Bangalore is the Silicon City and has a lot of people from all parts of India to settle here and make a living. While the most common door-to-door sales and marketing and marketing using print media is old fashion, time-consuming, and pocket-pinching, many businesses have taken the online pathway and are doing pretty well. Today, we see a lot of businesses growing and experiencing progress through internet marketing and social media awareness. This could be because of the general crowd’s easy access to the internet and the usage of a lot of android phones. During the pandemic, many companies took the online path to reach their customers and attract new clients, and this has made their businesses much more evident. The first look of any business is no longer the office, but its website. With this, every company plans to have an online recognition of their business and also the right digital marketing team to handle it.

There are many Digital Marketing experts and consultants in Bangalore. Digital Marketing alone has become a new course to study and progress. The biggest challenge for all the businessmen who have taken their business online is the competition. Everyone is planning to be the best and dealing with this is quite tough for businessmen who have no clue about digital marketing. This is when the role of a Digital marketing expert or an consultant comes into the picture. There are a lot of digital marketing services that your business would be needing. Starting from Web Development to making it visible on Google through organic, paid campaigns, to getting in clients and customers from the social media, there is more to it. All that you will need is a digital marketing expert in Bangalore who has a thorough knowledge of helping your business grow in Bangalore through the online platform. With the help of the right expert, your business will have upward growth and you can easily generate leads and make client conversions without much effort.

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ServicesList Of Digital Marketing Consulting Services


SEO Service

Our experts have a detailed study of the client’s business and optimize the website to reach the target audience.


SEM / Google Ads Service

Zenith Lead takes the business of its clients to another level by planning the right SEM strategies to increase conversions.


Social Media Service

Social media is one of the most used platforms, We implement social media strategies to reach the right customers.


Website Designing Service

Website is the online face of business, Our experts make sure it matches your business by beautifully designing the website.


Lead Generation

When your clients are businessmen, you need to be extra professional and precise with B2B website services..............


SMM Service

Portfolios are old school now. Draw the attention of your clients with your own website and personal branding service.......

Why Choose Us

MarketingAs Digital Marketing Consultant In Bangalore?

India is considered to be the second-largest country in terms of population and also in terms of the digital market. A decade ago, access to the internet was not as easy and cost-effective as we have today. Many in those years were accustomed to the basic phones and even the android phones hand nothing more than 2G.  Today, along with the transformation of technology, we have seen many lives getting transformed. Many people – old and young are on evident social media sites like Facebook, Instagram. Snap Chat and more. The kids and adults find the solution to all of their queries on google and other search engines. With all of this, most businesses have switched their marketing strategies from all the field marketing to digital marketing. The online marketing idea has saved the time, and budget of many companies and has got in more number of client conversions in a very short time span.

With the good part being all of this, the challenge that many companies face is the tough competition online. There might be a thousand industries in India that have the same sort of business or service. The best way to overcome this is to have a digital marketing expert in India to handle your business online. When you plan to take your business online, you first need to have a website, good content, good designs, social media pages, and a budget meant for this. You need a digital marketing consultant to get all this set up for you and also to manage it.  Apart from setting things up, the digital marketing expert can help you rank on the first page on Google and other search engines and help your business pages get good visibility on the internet. You can also take the service from the expert to promote your products and services, generate leads, and also ensure better conversation rates for your clients. Every company now has an in-house digital marketing team. You could have one too or take the services from any of the well-known digital marketing consultants in India & US.

Why Should You

MarketingHire A Digital Marketing Expert As Your Consultant?

Digital Marketing is a field that never stops growing and never stops updating. There is always a new set of updates in the search engines, social media platforms, and in other areas concerned with Digital Marketing. You might have a rough knowledge about a few digital marketing strategies, but there is an ocean of things you would not be knowing. You need to also know that not all of the digital marketing strategies work for your business. There are instances where you will have to pay for your ads on Google and on social media platforms and you could be going wrong in paying more for things that are not a priority. The only person who could be doing it right and guiding you is someone who has good knowledge about all, or most of the digital marketing strategies and also someone who has thorough experience. Hiring a digital marketing consultant or an expert would be helpful for you. 

Choosing a digital marketing consultant for your business to ensure that you are guided on the right path to get your business recognized and get more clients. The right digital marketing expert will help you in designing your website, getting the right sort of marketing content, getting the right designs and graphics, and also with the page creation. Along with this, you will have smooth guidance over the PPC ads and other paid ads over google. The digital marketing expert will also help you choose the right  platforms and help you with the right digital marketing strategies to get your business recognized. You can generate and make lead conversions easily and also keep a track of your business growth online with the reports that are submitted by the digital marketer. You can either have an in-house digital marketing team for your company, or you can also take the service of Digital marketing consultants in India. With this, you will get experienced hands working on your business to help in improving it.

Why Should You Hire Me As

MarketingDigital Marketing Consultant in Bangalore, India & United States?

A hundred digital marketers to choose from and Vignesh P stands out to be the best! This is not what we say, but what all of his happy clients say. With years of experience as a Digital Marketer and also as a Digital Marketing Consultant, Expert Trainer, Vignesh always keeps himself updated with the latest updates in all of the digital marketing areas. His witty mind makes him understand just what the client needs and he gives them the right guidance and digital marketing strategies. He is a keen listener and a great problem solver. He gets out the best digital marketing solutions to all of your queries. An awesome website designer he is called and his creativity is seen in all of his previous works. He has handled over a 30+ projects and all of them are doing really well today.


QuestionsFAQ's - Digital Marketing Consultant/Expert/Freelancer

We have a number of clients pertaining to a number of niches and industries. We have worked and rendered our digital marketing services for educational institutions, e-commerce industries, media, portfolios, beauty and fashion industries, food and medical industries, and more. Our client list is shown in the portfolio on our website.

Digital marketing is a huge ocean, unlike field marketing. If you talk about our services, we provide all the services pertaining to this niche. We have in-house content writers, web developers, graphic designers, social media experts, SEO experts, and more. Our services include web development, content marketing, google analytics, SEO services – both paid and organic, social media management, affiliate marketing, graphic designing, and more. In short, we are the one-stop destination for all your marketing needs. We never compromise on the quality of our service and our client list says it all. We call ourselves consultants because we make sure that we counsel you, understand your needs, budget and requirement, and work on getting out the best digital marketing plan for your business.

Businesses across the world are growing at a very quick pace and most of the businesses have taken the online pathway post-pandemic and lockdowns. Since almost all businesses are going digital, there is a lot of competition online. If you are taking your business online, you need to make sure that you are guided by the right digital marketing expert who can get you in touch with the right kind of customers online and target the right regions where your business can grow. You also need a digital marketing expert to help you choose the right digital marketing strategy that suits your business and fits your budget.

A successful digital marketer or a digital marketing expert needs to have a lot of skills. A few of them include,

  1. Ability to understand the client’s concern.
  2. Exceptional knowledge in the field of digital marketing.
  3. Ability to keep the mind updated about the latest changes in the field and the latest trends and tools of digital marketing. 
  4. Skill to use the budget of the client effectively and efficiently. 
  5. The ability to generate the maximum number of leads and target the right customers through the various portals.
  6. Gained experience over the years in handling various clients and touching upon different industries and niches. 

You need a digital marketing expert for all your digital marketing needs for all of the below reasons.

  1. There is high competition for your business online and you need an expert to make your brand stand out.
  2. For all of your brand awareness campaigns and brand management services.
  3. To attract online clients and customers and generate online leads.
  4. To effectively run ad campaigns in your limited budget.
  5. To manage all the social media handles and be a responsive business online.

There are a lot of people who call themselves the right and best digital marketers in Bangalore, but you need to be doing your part of the research. This includes the following checks.

  1. Talk with the digital marketing expert to see if your idea syncs with his.
  2. See if you like the innovative ideas that the digital marketing expert gi e you to bring your business up. 
  3. Get to know about his experience in handling clients whose businesses are similar to yours. 
  4. Have a look at their portfolio and website. Check their social media handles too.
  5. See if they are okay to work in the budget you have allocated for digital marketing.

This completely depends on your budget. Since you are a start-up, it is advisable to not spend too much of your capital amount. You can either opt to take the digital marketing agency that is okay with your budget or hire a digital marketing freelancer who has expertise overall or at least a majority of the digital marketing services. To begin with, you can hire a freelance digital marketer who is good with social media, website design, and also with Google Ads and  SEO.

Just like you found us. Surf over google, read the client testimonials and reviews, check the portfolio of the digital marketing freelancer in Bangalore and finally meet him to see if you can have a good rapport and a synchronizing vision to take your business up online.

Each of the digital marketing consultants has its own set of quotations and fees. You need to have a basic idea and knowledge about what kind of digital marketing services are needed for your business. Also, note that social media sites and even google charge you a certain amount as marketing budget if you want to promote your business online with paid campaigns. Check for a digital marketing consultant who can work for your budget, providing the best digital marketing service.

The cost to hire a digital marketing freelancer in Bangalore is pretty lesser than taking up the services from an established digital marketing company in Bangalore. For this, you need to make sure that you have a good digital marketing freelancer on board. Also, check for the previous work experience that your digital marketing freelancer holds to ensure the better growth of your business digitally.